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Improving oral medication compliance with an electronic aid

Demographic trends indicate that populations in the U.S., Europe, and Japan are aging rapidly. As people age, they will seek more health-care services and ingest more oral medications. Poor compliance in taking medications is especially problematic in the elderly because of the changes in their metabolism, cognitive skills, and physical abilities. Simple devices, special packaging, […]


RMAIS: RFID-based medication adherence intelligence system

There has been compelling evidence that outpatients, especially those who are elderly or taking multiple complexly scheduled drugs, are not taking their medicines as directed, leading to unnecessary disease progression, complications, functional disabilities, lower quality of life, and even mortality. Existing technologies for monitoring and improving drug adherence are either costly or too complicated for […]


An in-home medication management solution based on intelligent packaging and ubiquitous sensing

A healthcare solution for medication noncompliance problem would help to save $177 billion annually in the United States. In addition, an in-home healthcare station (IHHS) is needed to meet the rapidly increasing demands for daily monitoring with on-site diagnosis and prognosis. In this paper, an intelligent medication management system is proposed based on intelligent package […]