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Dispensing eye drops from flexible plastic dropper bottles. Part III: Comparison between volunteers and elderly patients

The delivery of drops from flexible plastic dropper bottles by ten healthy volunteers was compared to that by six elderly patients aged 50 years or older. During the dispensing of the drops the air pressure inside the bottle, the weight of the drops and the time necessary to dispense a drop were registered. The influence of the flexibility of the dropper bottle and the design of the dropper tip was investigated. In general, the drop delivery data of the elderly patients were comparable to those of the healthy volunteers. However, the patients squeezed the dropper bottles fitted with a special design dropper tip less strongly as the volunteers, resulting in a lower air pressure difference, but a higher drop weight. For one subject, a patient with severe arthritis, dispensing drops from this special design dropper tip was at the limit of the capability to squeeze. Overall, the stiffness of the dropper bottle had no significant effect on the delivery of drops by the volunteers or the patients. On the other hand, the smaller the inner aperture diameter of the dropper tip, the larger the air pressure difference created inside the bottle and the longer the dispensing time.

Child safety and ease of use for elderly persons – Two important aspects for the manufacture of folding boxes for pharmaceuticals

The folding carton made of board with its many advantages regarding packaging ideas has become indispensable for the pharmaceuticals industry. It has established itself as inexpensive mass packaging means and is highly accepted by the end consumers due to its environmental friendliness as well as its promotional function and product safety. Therefore it is no wonder that the main part of the pharmaceutical packaging consists of board. When designing a folding box, the pharmaceutical industry needs to consider more and more the child safety and the easy use for senior citizens. This is required not only by legal specifications, but also by the responsibility for the consumer, which is made clear by the current rate of toxications. Intelligent packaging solutions make sure that pharmaceutical packaging made of board does not loose its attractiveness. On the contrary-child proof and senior friendly packaging can further increase the value for the end consumer. In order to rind the most reasonable alternative in each particular case, the pharmaceutical industry works closely together with the folding carton branch.